Tourism Development Act, Chapter 87:22 

The Tourism Development Act, Chapter 87:22 (TDA) was introduced to support the development of tourism in Trinidad and Tobago. The Act provides for benefits to be granted to the owners/operators of various types of tourism projects, which have the potential of contributing substantially to the development of the tourism sector.

The benefits offered under the TDA are as follows: 

Tax Benefits

Under Section 3 (3) of the Act,

For a project which results in the creation of a new tourism project or the expansion of an existing tourism project, the Tourism Development Act, Chapter 87:22 provides the following benefits to the owner or operator of the project -

  1. A tax exemption for a period not exceeding seven (7) years in respect of gains or profits from the approved tourism project;
  2. A tax exemption in respect of the gains or profits derived from the initial sale of a villa or condominium or the site for a villa or condominium that forms part of an Integrated Resort Development (IRD) which is an approved tourism project;
  3. An accelerated depreciation of depreciable equipment owned by the owner or operator and used in an approved project; 
  4. A capital allowance in respect of approved capital expenditure incurred by the owner or operator in the creation of a new tourism project or expansion of an existing tourism project.


Additional Tax benefits under Section 3 (4) as follows:

  • Subject to Part 4, a carry-over from a tax exemption period, if any, of any loss arising out of the operation or renting of an approved tourism project. 


Under Section 3 (5)

  • The owner or operator of an approved tourism project who receives a tax exemption under subsection (3) shall place in a separate account all gains or profits that are tax exempt.


Under Section 3 (6)

  • Where the owner or operator is a company and pays a dividend to a non-resident shareholder out of the gains or profits, the dividend so paid shall be exempt from tax where the recipient is  
    • a non-resident shareholder who is a national;
    • a non-resident shareholder who is not a national and who is not liable to tax in respect of that dividend in the country in which he is resident.



Customs and Excise Duty Exemptions 

Under Section 22 -    

A permit-

  1. for the importation or entry into Trinidad and Tobago free of customs duty; and 
  2. for the purchase in Trinidad and Tobago with the privilege of a drawback of customs duties or excise duties,

of such building materials which are not already duty free and of such articles of tourism equipment.



Incentives for Tourism Transport Service Vehicles

 Under Section 4

  • A licence to import vehicles with the payment of Customs Duty at the rate of 10% 
  • Payment of Value Added Tax at the rate of 12.5%; and Exemption from the payment of Motor Vehicle Tax



For more information on accessing the incentives, please contact:

Investment Facilitation Department 
Level 1 Maritime Centre
29 Tenth Avenue, Barataria
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago 
Telephone: (868) 675-7034 / 7
Fax: (868) 675-8851 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Accommodation Upgrade Project

The Trinidad and Tobago TOURISM Accommodation Upgrade Project is designed to provide an incentive in the form of a partial reimbursement of the cost of upgrade works undertaken to eligible tourist accommodation. This is to bring them to a first class level to meet and/or exceed the Trinidad and Tobago Standard Requirements for Tourist Accommodation.


Incentive Benefits:

  • Eligible properties will receive a reimbursement grant as a proportion of the cost of refurbishment for improvements/upgrade works to the interior/exterior of the property.
  • Eligible Properties with 1-5 guestrooms (Small Tourism Accommodation Properties) will receive a 20% reimbursement up to $75,000.
  • Eligible properties with 6-150 guestrooms (Hotels & Guesthouses) will receive a 25% reimbursement up to $750,000.


Eligibility Criteria include but are not limited to: Properties with 1 to 150 guest bedrooms; Properties must be in operation for more than four years; Proof of ownership; Approval from the Town & Country Planning Division; Board of Inland Revenue and Value Added Tax Clearance Certificates; Owners must not currently be in receipt of grant funds for upgrades from any other arm or agency of the Government.

Eligible Upgrade Areas may include but are not limited to: Guest bedroom and bathroom; Lobby; Restaurant and Kitchen; and Exterior.


For more information on accessing the incentives, please contact:



Investment Facilitation Department
Tourism Development Company Limited
Level 1 Maritime Centre, #29 Tenth Avenue,
Tel: (868) 675-7034/5/6/7 ext. 176 & 177
Fax: (868) 675-8851
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Product Development and Destination Unit
Division of Tourism and Transportation
Tobago House of Assembly
#12 Sangster’s Hill, Scarborough
Tel: (868) 639-2125/4636 ext. 2109
Fax: (868) 635-1337/639-5432