A Shopaholic's Caribbean Paradise

Trinidad & Tobago offers travelers a variety of shopping option, from side‐streets to boutiques


With more than 25 shopping malls, in addition to countless boutiques and markets situated throughout both islands, the dual‐island nation of Trinidad & Tobago is considered the shopping capital of the English‐speaking Caribbean. From authentic traditional artwork to haute couture designer fashions, the destination offers visitors locally made gifts and personal souvenirs that are unique to these islands. Indigenous music, soca, is considered to be one of the island’s best buys, however the destination also offers a wide selection of shopping indulgences for every taste and wallet size. 

Travelers in search of bargains and willing to negotiate prices with local vendors can browse the streets of downtown Port of Spain, San Fernando and Chaguanas. Many downtown streets in Trinidad are considered ideal locations for bargain hunters, with Charlotte Street being dubbed the “bargain capital of the Caribbean.” On Queen Street, buyers can find a variety of fabrics from around the world. The islands are also home to the Caribbean’s leading fashion houses including Peter Elias, Heather Jones, Claudia Pegus and Meiling who are considered corner‐stones of the island’s burgeoning fashion industry. These world renowned ateliers are not only responsible for inspiring the destination’s first Fashion Week in May 2008, but for also spearheading the drive to make Trinidad & Tobago a destination where style‐mavens will flock to purchase one‐of‐a‐kind designer pieces.

The artistic transformation of unusual craft items from local raw materials provides examples of the creative and technical talents of Trinidad and Tobago’s artisans. In Tobago, the island’s strong African heritage is reflected in the island’s arts and crafts. From locally made jewelry, batik and calabash carvings to paintings and bamboo/wood sculptures that make exquisite home décor items. Tourists and residents can be found ogling the unique selection of souvenir items while shopping in the many stores and stalls found at the Store Bay Craft Market and the Mt. Irvine Craft facility in search of that rare gem.

For more trendy purchases, travelers can visit any one of the popular shopping centers. Standing at approximately 500,000 square feet, Trincity Mall in Trinidad is one of the largest malls in the Southern Caribbean. Located minutes away from the city capital, the complex houses over 220 stores and offers a varied selection of both local and international merchandise. Other locations include Centre City Mall, Centre Point Mall, City of Grand Bazaar, Movie Towne Mall and the Falls at Westmall in Trinidad and the newly opened Gulf City at Lowlands Mall in Tobago.