Ministry of Health issues Public Advisory to Travellers

July 04, 2016


The Ministry of Health has advised persons travelling from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to carry their International Immunization Card with proof of the Yellow Fever vaccination when travelling to:-

  • Caribbean Countries
  • Latin American Countries
  • African Countries
  • Asian countries

Effective Wednesday June 22nd, 2016, booster doses or revaccination for Yellow Fever will no longer be required. One dose of the Yellow Fever Vaccine will be valid for travel regardless of when the vaccine was given. The International Immunization Card will still be required. In the event that a person has never been immunized for Yellow Fever, it is advised to get the vaccine at least 10 days prior to travelling.

Persons who are travelling to the aforementioned countries are advised to visit their County Medical Offices of Health within TWO WEEKS prior to departure from Trinidad and Tobago with the following:

  • Proof of travel
  • Proof of Yellow Fever immunization

International Immunization Cards will be processed within two business days.


  • Travel to North America and Europe Neither the Yellow Fever Vaccination nor the International Immunization Card is required for travel to North American and European Countries e.g. the United States of America, Canada and England.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Exemption Some persons may be exempt from the Yellow Fever vaccine; such persons may obtain an exemption letter from the County Medical Officers of Health.

The International Immunization Card may be obtained at the following County Medical Offices with proof of immunization:

St. George East John Shaw Avenue Arima (868) 667-6688 (868) 667-4142


St. George West 3-5 Jerningham Place Jerningham Avenue Belmont (868) 625-4151 (868) 623-0724


St. George Central 21 Third Street Barataria (868) 675-1983


Caroni Southern Main Road Couva (868) 636-5066


St. Andrew/St. David Cor. Blake Avenue & Eastern Main Road Damarie Hill Guaico (868) 668-5987 (868) 668-2055


St. Patrick Spiaria Administrative Complex Siparia (868) 649-1227


Nariva/Mayaro Narine Ramrattan Building Naparima Mayaro Road Rio Claro (868) 222-5005 ext. 3003


Victoria 160 Pointe-a-Pierre Road San Fernando (868) 652-2016 ext. 3


Tobago Robinson Street Scarborough (868) 639-3751 (868) 600-7000 ext. 4280


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