October 07, 2016  

TDC rewards STAR customer service

The first winners of the Tourism Development Company’s (TDC) STAR Hashtag Campaign were rewarded for their promotion and execution of exemplary customer service in Trinidad and Tobago when they received their prizes from Mr. Warren Solomon, Acting Chief Executive Officer at the TDC. The prize giving ceremony took place on September 30 at the TDC’s head office in Barataria.

 Since August 1st 2016, the TDC in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and the Service. Training. Attitude. Respect. (STAR) Unit launched the #tntisstarservice to reinforce the relationship between excellent customer service and a sustainable tourism product in Trinidad and Tobago.  As such, customers have been asked to be on the lookout for great service from professionals employed in the hospitality, food and beverage and retail sectors as well as at our airports, tourist transportation, ferry and water taxi services.

 For the month of August, the winning customer service representatives hailed from the La Brea Pitch Lake and Café Mariposa in Lopiniot. At the Pitch Lake, customer Sean Romany visited the facility with his aunt from the United States, where they both received excellent customer service from Cyril Billy, a certified and experienced tour operator. According to Sean, Cyril provided assistance as well as in-depth cultural and historical interpretation of the Pitch Lake in a warm and professional manner.

 At the Café Mariposa in Lopinot, the brilliance continued. Ayinde Bereaux, a food and beverage service provider impressed customer Latoya Bushe when she dined at Café Mariposa. With a calming presence, attentiveness and great communication skills, Ayinde was able to deliver exemplary customer service that enthralled Latoya.  She described the experience as “Service with a Smile at Cafe Mariposa.”

 Both Sean and Latoya followed the hashtag campaign’s rules by taking selfies with the tourism professional whom delivered exceptional service and posted the photos to their Facebook or Instagram accounts using the hashtag #tntisstarservice, along with the service professional’s name, place of employment and a brief description of the STAR service received. Sean and Latoya invited their friends to vote for their entries on the #tntisstarservice app on the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago Facebook page, which automatically imports photos that are tagged #tntisstarservice.

The two winners were chosen based on an in-app voting system reviewed by the TDC. The winning tourism service professionals and their nominators EACH received TT$1000.00 in prizes. You can also be a STAR. Full details on the campaign are available on the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago Facebook Page. Competition ends on October 31, 2016.