Trinidad and Tobago hosts Culinary Press Trip for UK Journalists

October 18th, 2016  

The Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC) is currently hosting a group of UK Journalists on a Culinary Press Trip from Monday 17th to 19th October, 2016 to promote Trinidad and Tobago’s culinary, natural and cultural heritage to the world.

The group has already experienced the unique Tobago Blue Food Festival and visited some of that island’s historic sites and attractions. While in Trinidad, they will tour the Angostura Rum Distillery and the city of Port of Spain, and will also have a chance to sample some of Trinidad and Tobago’s signature street foods such as doubles, corn soup and bake and fish. Added to this, the itinerary would afford these travel writers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the lush, culturally-rich community of Lopinot Village. 

In 2016, the TDC has hosted three press trips with journalists from the UK, including this one, which has attracted writers from iPaper, Olive Magazine, Sainsbury’s Magazine and Huffington Post UK.  According to Warren Solomon, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Development Company, “Exposing journalists to Trinidad & Tobago’s attributes is one of the ways in which consumers get their first glimpse of the destination.” He continues, “Today’s traveler definitely wants to see beyond the beach, and this is where T&T really excels. The culinary market provides visitors with a truly immersive experience and hosting journalists who speak to this segment gives us access to a large number of readers who classify themselves as foodies and for whom this is a key reason for making travel decisions.”