Trinidad and Tobago Featured in International Media


2 November 2016


Port of Spain, Trinidad: Over the past week, Trinidad and Tobago has been featured in two North-American digital publications.

 Sylvia Obell of BuzzFeed, featured Tobago in a BuzzFeed post entitled, 23 Travel Photos That Will Inspire Your Squad To Get In Formation. The image was sourced from Instagram travel blog @soulsociety. 

 With assistance from destination Trinidad and Tobago’s public relations and marketing representatives in the US, Rondel Holder of @soulsociety visited Trinidad and Tobago in January to chronicle the beauty of our islands and our people.

 Trinidad and Tobago was featured in a two-part series by Teresa Bergen for Pique newsmagazine in British Colombia on October 23rd and 27th, 2016. The first article, entitled Trinidad and Tobago: Going to the Panyard featured the history of the steelpan and how it has evolved into the modern-day pan scene. The second article celebrated Tobago’s cocoa and chocolate in a piece entitled, Tobago: A sweet destination.

 The Pique articles follow Teresa Bergen’s visit to Trinidad and Tobago for the American Travel Writers Freelance (SATW) Council Meeting 2016 from 13th – 17th September 2016.

 The articles can be viewed via the following links:

  1. 23 Travel Photos That Will Inspire Your Squad to Get In Formation
  2. Trinidad and Tobago: Going to the Panyard
  3. Tobago: A sweet destination