TDC’s STAR Unit trains tourism frontline employees

 November 28, 2016

The Tourism Development Company (TDC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and the Service. Training. Attitude. Respect. (STAR) Unit continued to demonstrate its commitment to the promotion of excellent customer service in Trinidad and Tobago when it hosted Professional Development workshops for tourism frontline employees in November.

 Over 60 frontline employees, representing Tourism Transport Providers and the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) participated in the customer training workshops known as Promises at the TDC’s office in Barataria.

 The Promises workshop is a two-day session which targets tourism employees who are in direct contact with customers and visitors. Supported by assessments as well as mentoring and coaching, the Promises workshop allowed participants to understand the importance of customer service, their roles as tourism ambassadors, the key concepts and techniques of effective hospitality and how their service can impact on the visitors’ perception of Trinidad and Tobago.

 Also, during the Promises sessions, participants are expected to be trained in the fundamental aspects of quality service delivery allowing them to be ready for the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) Customer Service Level I assessments and certification.

 Spearheaded by the STAR Unit, the Promises Workshops form part of the TDC’s thrust to engender a spirt of good customer service throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Earlier this year, the TDC launched two major customer service campaigns - the STAR Tourism Caravan and the #tntisstarservice Hashtag Campaign to promote national pride and to emphasise the relationship between excellent customer service and a sustainable tourism product.

 Both programmes helped to recruit tourism ambassadors and promoted the importance of outstanding customer service on our islands. The STAR Hashtag Campaign was geared towards the social media audience and invited customers to be on the lookout for great service from professionals employed in the tourism industry.

 The TDC’s STAR Unit was implemented to bring about a national change in service delivery and has trained approximately 4,000 tourism professionals across 90 organizations in Trinidad and Tobago. The programme focuses on improving service delivery at the strategic, tactical and operational levels of the organization; and addresses gaps in the area of service delivery.

 Tourism practitioners may access information about the STAR’s future training initiatives by contacting Josene Clementy, Training and Development Specialist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..