February 01, 2017

TDC’s STAR Unit offers prestige customer service certification

The Tourism Development Company (TDC) in collaboration with the Service. Training. Attitude. Respect. (STAR) Unit continues to blaze the trail in the promotion of customer service in Trinidad and Tobago by facilitating the Hospitality Assured Certification programme to customer service-oriented organizations on our islands. Through the Service. Training. Attitude. Respect. (STAR) Unit, the TDC held its first Hospitality Assured training session at its head office in Barataria in January 2017.

Licensed by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), the Hospitality Assured Certification endorses customer-centric businesses and encourages them to look at their operations from the customer's perspective. The programme also challenges businesses to identify areas where improvements should be made to benefit the customer and strengthen their organizations.

Establishments benefitting from the TDC’s Hospitality Assured Programme include: Fondes Amandes Community Reforestation Project(FACRP), Mariposa Enterprises, Lopinot Country-Style Community Tourism group, The Las Cuevas Beach facility, The La Brea Pitch Lake and Museum and The Pigeon Point Heritage Park. However, the Villa de Rose and Inna Citi Place are currently going through the recertification process.

Each month, the TDC will highlight a different level in the Hospitality Assured Standard programme. Some of the upcoming topics will include: Leadership and Business Planning, Operational Planning and Standards of Performance, Resource Management, Training and Development, Service Recovery; and Customer Satisfaction Improvement. The first Hospitality Assured training session focused on the theme: “Conducting Customer Research and Leveraging Social Media for Tourism Businesses.”

Following the completion of all training and advisory sessions, organizations are assessed by an external party who advises the CTO on the state of readiness of the respective organization or site for certification.

The TDC’s STAR Unit also provides customer training through the Promises workshop- a two-day session that targets tourism employees who are in direct contact with customers and visitors. The Promises workshops are also supported by assessments as well as mentoring and coaching.

Tourism practitioners may access information about the STAR’s future training initiatives by contacting Rebecca Samuel, Training and Development Specialist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..