Domestic Tourism


Domestic tourism is defined as tourism involving residents of one country traveling within that country and domestic tourism expenditure the expenditure incurred as a direct result of this activity. It includes the spending that occurs while en-route and at the places visited as well as the expenditure taken prior to the trip in preparation of the trip. 

Based on data obtained from the TDC’s Domestic Travel and Tourism survey, it can be seen that domestic tourism is a significant contributor to Trinidad and Tobago’s tourism sector. In 2013 domestic overnight trips generated an estimated at TTD .86 billion, an increase of 35% when compared to 2011.


 2009201020112013% change 2011 to 2013
Overnight Trips
Estimated Total No. Household Trips 252,334 318,678 233,087 263,300 12.96

Domestic Tourists

Average No. persons on Trips 2.36 2.39 2.34 2.38 1.71%
Estimated Total No. persons on Trips 393,768 760,861 545,559 626,654 14.86%


Average Length of Stay 4.16 4.04 4.53 4.63 2.21%
No. person nights 2,477,259 3,070,993 2,473,958 2,901,408 17.28%


Exp. Per person per day (TTD)  22.67  218.05  255.53  294.96  15.43%
Est. Total Exp. Dom Overnight (TTD million)  551  669 632   855  35.28%

 Data source: TDC’s Domestic Travel and Tourism Survey 

*Note: Effective 2011 the TDC began conducting the Domestic Travel and Tourism Survey every two years.


For more information on TDC’s Domestic Travel and Tourism Survey, please contact the Planning and Research Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..