Policy for Corporate Support

The TDC recognizes that strategic sponsorship can help the organization to meet its business strategy. TDC seeks to identify innovative sponsorship opportunities that enable the company to reach its business and brand-building objectives. In the assessment of proposals, the TDC evaluates the overall opportunity - its media value, content availability, the impact of the program on an international/regional/national level, how well it fits with the company’s marketing strategies and general sponsorship guidelines, the ability for TDC and its employees to support the program and its impact on the industry.

This policy outlines how the TDC effectively determines sponsorship projects and manages them so as to maximize the return on investment to the TDC and T&T brands, tourism industry and to the country as a whole. The overarching strategy of this policy is the development of tourism based initiatives that are aligned to the TDC’s mandate: development of the tourism product, overseas marketing of Trinidad and Tobago and promotion of Tourism investment.


Objectives of the Corporate Support Programme

To support programmes/events which align with the TDC mandate in the following ways:

  • Bring visitors to Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Develop/ Enhance the tourism product.
  • Leverage the TDC/T&T Brands.
  • Support Industry partners.
  • Promote local tourism awareness.


Application Process

Organizations are invited to submit proposals to:

Manager, Corporate Communications
Tourism Development Company Limited
Level 1 Maritime Centre
#29 Tenth Ave. Barataria
Trinidad and Tobago

Or to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All requests for sponsorship must provide the following information and clearly indicate the benefits of the activity/event in terms of meeting the objectives of the TDC.

  • Description of the activity/event.
  • A history of the activity/event.
  • The name (s) of the person / organization responsible for the activity/event.
  • The past experience of the person / organization in the organization of such events.
  • Projected number of attendees, locals and foreign visitors.
  • Projected public relations benefits overseas of event.
  • Re-current or not.
  • Amount being requested.
  • Budget and business plan.
  • List of all sponsors & stakeholders.
  • Time and Place of event.


When evaluating sponsorship opportunities the TDC will give priority to those organizations that are aligned with the areas listed above.

All proposals should be sent at least two months in advance of the event date.



Selection Criteria

Requests for sponsorship will be considered in the context of the degree to which they align with the overall mandate of the organization, its strategic objectives and its tactical objectives:

  1. Events which will attract significant and meaningful publicity for Trinidad and Tobago in its key markets.
  2. Programmes/events which position the role and function of the TDC and tourism in the minds of the local community.
  3. Activities/events which Develop/ Enhance the local tourism product.
  4. Programmes/events which Support Industry partners.
  5. Projects which have long term viability that is that they will build to have regional if not international significance.
  6. Events/ activities initiated by state enterprises and other Government institutions that have tourism relevance. Bring visitors to Trinidad and Tobago.
  7. The TDC will take the initiative to actively seek out beneficial strategic opportunities which will effectively promote the country and by extension the organization whilst meeting the organization’s core objectives.



  1. Only one contribution per financial year will be usually made to an organization.
  2. Projects and programmes for which assistance is requested must be measurable.
  3. Joint ventures must allow for the clear emergence of the TDC Brand.
  4. Organizations receiving assistance must be properly constituted and accountable.


Evaluation Process

All projects will be evaluated by the following process: All proposals are channeled to and evaluated by the TDC’s Sponsorship Committee.

  1. In the case of overseas events/programmes the committee will consult the overseas managers and public relations representatives to determine the Public Relations value of the event in their market and the likelihood of projected marketing objectives being met. This feedback will be incorporated in the evaluation process.
  2. Subsequently the Sponsorship Committee submits their advice to the Board of Directors for the final decision regarding any requests for corporate assistance over a specific value. Proposals under this value will be approved by the President.
  3. Once approval is received the Parties are then informed in writing of the decision of the TDC.
  4. For events or projects involving major sponsorship from the TDC, the terms and conditions of a corporate sponsorship relationship shall be embodied in a formal contract between the parties.
  5. After each major event a post event evaluation will be conducted to determine the degree to which projections were met and how well the event met expectations.
  6. After each event involving major sponsorship by the TDC a full accounting of all costs and revenues will be submitted to the TDC (within four months) for its review.

For further information contact the Corporate Communications Department at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..